Boeing 747 B-2469 Original Aircraft Tag Grey-Black

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Product Description

Original skin cut from retired Boeing 747-400 passenger jet B-2469

Color: White-Black

Dimension: 7cm (L) * 3.5cm(W)

Thickness: Normal Thick or Extra Thick

Pattern: Exact color pattern will vary on each tag

Accessories: The luggage tag comes with a felt protection cover and a steel key ring. Thus, it can used in multiple cases such as key tag and luggage tag.

Aircraft History

Aircraft Type: Boeing 747-400
Registration: B-2469
Previous owner: Air China
Airline Code: CA

Air China has the largest Boeing 747 fleet in China. Since 1980s, the airline operated 28 747s ranging from Boeing 747SP, 747-200, 747-400 and 747-8. It is the sole passenger Boeing 747 operator in china.

This Boeing 747-400 aircraft with registration number B-2469 was delivered in 1998 to Air China and withdrawn from service in 2013. The unique thing about this aircraft was that the aircraft was a 747-400M (a passenger/freight or "Combi" variant) which has both passenger section and cargo section on the same main level.

Unfortunately, his aircraft was dismantled and recycled. However, we were able to preserve a small part of the aircraft skin and give this legendary aircraft a whole new life by handcrafting a limited number of this precious luggage tag.

You are now carrying a piece of history of Air China and Boeing 747, “Queen of the Skies”. 

* Important – Please Read Carefully Before Making Purchase

Luggage tags are made from skins of retired aircraft fuselage, not stamped metal. Each luggage tag is unique - color, thickness, wear and tear may differ from one piece to another piece. We did our best to craft and clean each tag by hand carefully, however, some scratches on the surface of the tag are inevitable due to age of those airplanes. These variations and imperfections are not product flaws. Rather, they are the history and story of the airplane and this Aviator’s Story will continue as a luggage tag.

Keep away from children's reach. Be cautious that the edge of this product may be sharp and may cause wound on skin. Keep out of mouth.

* Remark

This product will be shipped in 3 business day. Personalized product or requesting a special serial number may take up to 10 business day to engrave before shipment.

Boeing 747 B-2469 Original Aircraft Tag Grey-Black