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New life of Cathay Pacific Last Boeing 747-400 Passenger Jet B-HUJ

26 Sep 2018 2 Comments

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Since introducing into Cathay Pacific fleet in 1979, Boeing 747 has been a reliable aircraft carrying 160 million of passengers across the globe. This particular aircraft was a iconic symbol of Hong Kong as a transportation center in Asia. 

Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 over Kowloon flying into Hong Kong Kai Tak Airport

Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 landing at old Hong Kong Kai Tak Internationa airport. The airport was closed in 1998. (Copyright: Daryl Capman and Cathay Pacific Airways)

Cathay Pacific Airways last Boeing 747-400 passenger jet with registration number B-HUJ was manufactured by Boeing in 1995. It is the 1061th Boeing 747-400 Boeing ever made.

In 2016, Cathay Pacific decided to retire all Boeing 747 passenger jet in the fleet. 

On October 8, 2016, to mark its retirement from passenger service, the aircraft, operating as Cathay Pacific flight 8747, flew over Victoria Harbor, providing members of the Hong Kong public with a final opportunity to say goodbye. 

With the approval of the Civil Aviation Department, the 60-minute flight – CX8747 – include a Victoria Harbour flyover at 1,000ft. 

Cathay Pacific Last 747 Vlog produced by Winggo Ng


Later that year, B-HUJ, the last Cathay Pacific passenger Boeing 747-400 was ferried to Bruntingthorpe Airport in United Kindom for dismantling.


This aircraft was dismantled and recycled in 2017. Luckily, we were able to preserve part of the aircraft skin and give this legendary aircraft a whole new life by handcrafting a limited 3000 pieces of this previous luggage tag.

Each luggage tag was carefully crafted and cleaned with care.

You are now carrying a piece of history of Cathay Pacific Airways and Boeing 747, “Queen of the Skies”.

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05 Sep 2022 Rock

I purchased this product back in 2019. Do you have a plan to replenish the inventory? Thanks.

28 Jul 2022 Mac Lee

Thank you for this great tag product! I was on this last Cathay Pacific Boeing 747 flight! It was a life time memory for me!

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