Purchase now to bring history of Airbus A380 with you! Airbus A380 original aircraft skin tag that made from the skin of Air France's A380...
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Bonjour, Air France Airbus A380!

The Airbus A380 is the largest and heaviest commercial airplane. This Airbus A380 original aircraft skin tag was cut from the wingtip section of an ex-Air France A380-800 passenger plane F-HPJG as a part of the history of the aviation industry, Air France and Airbus.

It is a perfect gift for Air France and Airbus pilots, crew, employees, coworkers, as well as avgeeks, frequent flyers, and aviation enthusiasts.

Product Spec




8 cm (L) * 4 cm(W)  (3.15 in * 1.57 in)


This pack of Air France A380 original aircraft skin tags includes 5 different pieces to commemorate Air France A380's global destinations. It includes:

► France: The design includes popular landmarks in Paris and Toulouse. It commemorates the birth of the A380 at Airbus headquarters in Toulouse and Air France's hub in Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport CDG.

► Germany: The design includes popular landmarks in Hamburg, Germany. It commemorates the birth of the A380 at the Airbus facility in Hamburg, Germany.

► United States: The design includes popular landmarks in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. These cities are Air France A380’s destinations in the USA.

► Japan: The design includes popular landmarks in Tokyo Japan - Air France A380’s destination in Japan.

► United Arab Emirates: The design includes popular landmarks in United Arab Emirates, UAE. Air France A380 had two destinations in the United Arab Emirates: Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


1mm-2mm. The material was retrieved from the wing tip section where metal is thinner than other parts of the aircraft.


Leather Belt

Where this tag was cut from? 

This Airbus A380 original plane tag was cut from the wingtip of Air France Airbus A380 F-HPJG. During scheduled heavy maintenance, this section of the wing was removed from the aircraft for a replacement. We were able to preserve this section of the wing and manufacture a limited number of original aircraft skin tag that carries aviation history.

Aircraft History

Aircraft Type: Airbus A380-800

Registration: F-HPJG

Owner: Air France

Air France was one of the launch customers for the Airbus A380-800 "superjumbo". Operated 10 A380s between 2009 and 2020, the airline was also the first airline in Europe to operate A380 aircraft. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Air France retired all A380s in May 2020.

Registered as F-HPJG, Airbus A380 MSN 067 was the 8th A380 that Airbus delivered to Air France. It served Air France from 2012 to 2020.

Further Reading:

What Happened To Air France A380?

About Airbus A380

The Airbus A380 is the world's largest passenger airliner and the only full-length double-deck jet airliner that was developed by Airbus. It was first delivered to Singapore Airlines on 15 October 2007 and entered service on 25 October. Emirates, Singapore, Lufthansa, British Airways, Qantas, Air France, Etihad, and Korean Air are the largest operator of Airbus A380.

The full-length double-deck aircraft has a typical seating for 525 passengers, with a maximum certified capacity of 853 passengers. The quadjet is powered by Engine Alliance GP7200 or Rolls-Royce Trent 900 turbofans providing a range of 8,000 nm (14,800 km). As of December 2021, the global A380 fleet had completed more than 800,000 flights over 7.3 million block hours.

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* Important – Please Read Carefully Before Making Purchase
Our aviation luggage tags are made from skins of plane fuselage, not stamped metal. Each luggage tag is unique - color, thickness, wear and tear may differ from one piece to another piece. We did our best to craft and clean each tag by hand carefully, however, some scratches on the surface of the tag are inevitable due to age of those airplanes. These variations and imperfections are not product flaws. Rather, they are the history and story of the airplane and this Aviator’s Story will continue as a luggage tag. Keep away from children's reach. Be cautious that the edge of this product may be sharp and may cause wound on skin. Keep out of mouth.

* Remark
This product will be shipped in 3 business days. Personalized product or requesting a special serial number may take up to 10 business day to engrave before shipment.

Customer Reviews

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Fantastic customer service - fabulous tags!

I can't fault this company with anything! They were thoughtful enough to refund me the extra shipping after I ordered another tag separately before the order was dispatched. I only knew when I checked my email inbox! Wow!
Standard shipping time was actually very quick from HK to the UK. My goodness, stunning Allegiant Air 757 tags!! The fact she flew originally with Britannia Airways/Thomsonfly/Thomson as G-BYAI, and briefly leased to Jet2 as G-LSAL before departure across 'the pond' certainly increases the appeal of them to me!! Very well done Aviator Story.👏👍 Orange/white ordered!


CX has always been one of my favourite airline, it's pity to see their last 747 retired.
It so happened I was at the airport when B-HUJ made her last flight, and managed to capture a glimsp of the Queen of the Skies taking off.


This is an absolutely beautiful tag. Unlike other tag companies that use the static 3D view of the aircraft, this brand used drawing of actual flying aircraft. Very interesting!

Gary Lau
Nice design

Well designed tag from CX last Boeing 747. Thank you for this memory!

Gary Lau
Nice design

Well designed tag from CX last Boeing 747. Thank you for this memory!