Aviator Story

What Happened to Air France A380?


Air France once had 10 Airbus A380s. What is the fate of these A380s? Why is Air France retiring the A380? Why are A380s being parted out and scrapped?

Important New EU VAT Rule


As of July 1st, 2021, all orders shipped to the European Union are subject to VAT. Import VAT and duties will continue to apply on orders above €150. Effective immediately until further notice, we will subsidize VAT for our EU customers during this transition period. This change only effects customers with shipping address in...

New life of Cathay Pacific Last Boeing 747-400 Passenger Jet B-HUJ


Click Here to Purchase Cathay Pacific Last Boeing 747 B-HUJ Aircraft Skin Tag Since introducing into Cathay Pacific fleet in 1979, Boeing 747 has been a reliable aircraft carrying 160 million of passengers across the globe. This particular aircraft was a iconic symbol of Hong Kong as a transportation center in Asia.  Cathay Pacific Boeing...